#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation – New York

#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation - New York by tresviolette featuring red hand bagsAcler brown dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios leather coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario sequined pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga leather booties€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana red hand bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold stud earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com

New York Freak Style

New York Freak Style by tresviolette featuring high waist pantsAcler long sleeve mini dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios trench coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario high waist pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga heeled boots€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana man bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com

Dans La Vie Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

In the past few seasons, designer Rira Sugawara has evolved a really refreshing signature style based on artistic collages. In her latest ready-to-wear show - which has been her sixth collection and fifth catwalk - Sugawara stunned her audience, proving there is always an innovating way of putting the fashion cycle to good use. Dans La … Continue reading Dans La Vie Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

Jeremy Scott Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

On her piece about this very collection, Suzy Menkes of Vogue serves us the much possible explanation behind Jeremy Scott’s thoughts on a plate – if there’s any explanation or any reason for it at all. So, according to Suzy, Scott’s recent collection was all about the current or future state of the U.S / … Continue reading Jeremy Scott Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

Cinq à Sept Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

As Wikipedia explains, Cinq à sept - pronounced "sank-ah-set" - is a "Quebec French term for a social gathering that takes place after work and prior to the dinner hours (roughly between 5 and 7 p.m.). It may bring together friends or colleagues or may be organized around a specific event, such as a book launch or … Continue reading Cinq à Sept Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

Thoughts on; 2016 – wait what?

Gotta warn you, this will be long, boring and heartfelt. As you may have noticed, I've been taking a break from the internet for quite some time now. I thought I needed a fresh mind to start over equally fresh, plus my partners had been away until very recently. So, I decided it was time … Continue reading Thoughts on; 2016 – wait what?

Panic at the Party; NYE Outfit Ideas

Many people have been asking me lately what's my advice for a Christmas or a New Year's Eve outfit. Truth be told, I have no idea what I'm wearing myself - basically because I never go out on Christmas, so it's always hard to choose between the teddy bear or the Hello Kitty pyjamas and … Continue reading Panic at the Party; NYE Outfit Ideas