All Laced Up

Some of you may have noticed that whenever I post once a week, that’s usually on Wednesdays. Now you’re probably wondering if I’m an idiot saying this as today’s a Thursday. Well, I’ve had some issues with my internet connection for the last couple of days because, who am I kidding, of course that would be me. And I usually take to Facebook about things like that but this time I did not complain.

Okay fine I might have posted a little something but I ain’t no Mother Teresa okay?


If I’m to be honest, out of everything I’ve worn through this summer this has been one of my favourite outfits. It’s so sleek and sexy and truly ideal for a cocktail night.


I’ve been craving for a top like this ever since Olivier Rousteing came up with those. This is actually a body and I found it on Favela. The truth is, you have to be pretty daring to go for this look but I feel like as soon as someone gives it a try, their confidence is instantly boosted.

I’ve successfully worn this with skirts, shorts and my favourite skinny or mom jeans.


As you’ve probably been sick of, I’m a huge fan of the a-line skirt. Most of the skirts I own are a-line. I have to confess I’ve had this for a while but only worn it twice and I don’t really know why. White, though, seemed to be the perfect choice for this combo.


I’ve previously mentioned my feelings about this bucket bag, so I’ll move straight to the shoe part. These are my Steve Madden Stecy sandals. I’d been thinking of replacing the straps with long laces – preferably of some kind of elastic material such as faux suede – and, with the help of my handy photographer, it turned out as cool as I expected.


Considering the outfit was pretty noticeable itself and as I like to feel a bit more lightweight in the summer, I thought I only needed a pair of silver hoop earrings and my sunglasses. This time simplicity felt more than enough.

Photos: Frosita Z.

Lace up Body – Glamorous (similar)

Mini Weave Skirt – ZARA (similar)

Bucket Bag – ZARA (prototype & similar)

Round Sunglasses – ASOS (almost the same)

Sandals – Steve Madden & DIY (similar)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

Κράτα το

Κράτα το


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