Jeremy Scott Ready-to-Wear SS17

Uhm, excuse me, is this the 90’s?

That was my exact first thought when I came face to face with Jeremy Scott’s collection for Spring/Summer ’17. It’s not that I hadn’t seen this coming – Scott has so far somehow established himself as the completely fearless and colorful designer who likes to make fun, spicy and much debated clothes, mainly inspired by the pop culture. It’s more the fact that looking at this line you almost lose track of time. Each piece is bold, unique, authentic and the whole collection gives out Andy Warhol vibes.

So, as per usual, everything is either boldly coloured or black/white. Pink, blue, green and yellow led the runway. And as mentioned above, pop culture is again the main theme; patent leather and silky textures, biker skirts and coats (dat red trench coat tho) and a huge Madonna close-up on a sweatshirt. Prints are essential – some cartoon inspired ones, “X-Rated” dresses and tops and casual red hot chilli peppers, all making the usual “Scott” statement. The collection even includes a Jeremy toothpaste turtleneck dress, a coat made out of little pop art faces and a co-ord covered with female cartoon legs #lol. At some point I even thought I saw Anna Wintour walking down the runway…

The show ended in sequins and glamourousness with a bunch of metallic designs in geometric lines.


Photos: Indigital

Source: Vogue


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