Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear SS17

Marc Jacobs is widely known for his unique views and unconventional ways. Especially after the last FW16/17 ready-to-wear collection, I think we all pretty much expected to see something equally groundbreaking. But seeing the first pictures released by the brand for its latest Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection made me fear that soon enough a social hurricane would hit the internet. And so it did.

Specifically, Jacobs was instantly charged with cultural appropriation after pairing his newest collection with woolen, hand-dyed dreadlocks, worn by mostly Caucasian models. The internet was quick to react, but Jacobs was as well, replying to commenters on Instagram that “love is the answer”.

Anyway, I will not be talking about the hair controversy any further, as it is not really my part, especially in this case.

Personally, this collection made me think of a raver Barbie – sounds funny but if you take a close look, it quite fits – look at the amount of pink *lol*. But besides pink, the colours used are mostly pastels, with khaki, purple and some bold hues of blue, yellow and hot pink following. Jacobs showed some extra love to anything metallic and sparkly in life, in a whole. After the shiny stuff, came the suedes, the embelished velvets, the camo and the animal prints, followed by the florals. Some girls had fancy knee socks on but all of them honoured the massive platform shoes, going with boots, sandals or heavy Mary-Jane gladiators.

Photos: Indigital

Source: Vogue


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