The Pretenders

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad it’s almost mid October. Rumor has it it’s finally time for actual outerwear…

This also happens to be the ideal time to step out with a trench coat. That’s because trench coats are just like avocados; “not today, not today, not today, not today, TODAY, oops too late”. Meaning they’re usually too lightweight to be worn in winter but also a bit too heavy to be worn in early autumn or even late spring.


Mine is completely lightweight and gets crinkled really easily but as I’ve mentioned how much I love the colour and the way it moves when I walk so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Lately I’ve been in love with this amlost sheer turtleneck from Zara. I got it in mink pink as well bc why the hell not. I actually can’t get enough of the sleeves – TOO PRETTY. I’ve been wearing those with pretty much everything I own.


These jeans I got just recently – I’m still not familiar with the “girlfriend jeans” term. I mean, I know the form of both the mom and boyfriend jeans kind but this I just don’t get. But I do get they look badass – I got many so compliments on them!


H&M jewelry does something to me. Their earrings in particular are amazing and I’ve been wearing these non stop. I thought they would add a more feminine touch to the outfit.


Accesories matter after all, so I figured tying this thin bandana scarf up around my wrist would look kewl. And it did. I did this a while ago, there’s even an Instagram of that day, but I thought the khaki details on it would match my Yeezy boots…


… which are everything but Yeezy (“pretenders” – lol did you get it?). When I saw the actual Yeezy Season 2 booties I thought #damnson. So when I late spotted these knock offs on La Moda on a great deal, I said why not? I think I have gotten a bit more recipient of knock offs anyway. Yet I’m still opposed to one brand copying another, I don’t know if this is makes any sense. Don’t ask how I do it. The thing is these are made out of lycra, therefore It’s kind of like the avocado/trench coat case – you can’t just wear them whenever.

Photos: Vaggelis V.

Trench Coat – ZARA (similar)

Sheer Turtleneck – ZARA

Girlfriend Jeans – Pull & Bear

Earrings – H&M (similar)

Wooden Crossbody Bag – FeelWood Bags (similar)

Khaki Sock Ankle Boots – La Moda

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

Κράτα το

Κράτα το

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