Prints & All

Yas, hello! How u people doin?

Good. I was just asking out of kindness, no need to get emotional.

Just kidding

Anyways, too much said, yet nothing important, so I’ll move on to the actual outfit.

These days I’ve been going full crazy on mixing prints and dressing a bit edgier. I feel like dressing the way you feel is the ultimate act of liberation. To me, it’s art emerging from life. It’s expression and it’s mesmerizing.


I’ve talked about this coat before – I’ve been loving leopard everything lately and this was an actual treasure found in my mom’s wardrobe. Vintage is love, vintage is life. And the good thing with animal prints is that you can go crazy and experiment with combinations and colours.


Fun fact; I hate the catcalls (lol CATcalls get it?) I receive every time I wear this coat. Like, dude, I didn’t put this on so that I could hear you “roar” at me or anything. Just let me be, get out of my face #thanks.


I put a maxi belt to add structure and extra femininity to the whole thing, as the coat has a pretty masculine line. Patent leather looks amazing on prints, plus I kind of paired it with the boots.


Sheer fabrics are a huge must this season, especially tulle skirts and tops. This is actually a bodysuit with such details on the sleeve part; it’s really simplistic on the front, yet catches the eye in a chic way with the sheerness of the sleeves, just enough to not steal the shine of the skirt.


This asymmetric/bow design has been quite popular on the runway, while plaid is also really in right now

I’ve been trying to kind of step out of the a-line skirt zone, so I love how this one is bodycon. It really compliments one’s butt girls…


These babies were too cute to skip. They’re the same pair I wore on my Soldier On post, but in black. Patent is a great alternative for plain leather and ideal for fancy outfits. I’ve been wearing these non stop as they instantly elevate any simple look.

One can never get enough of glossy things. That one is me.

Photos: Penny A.

Leopard Coat – vintage (similar)

Sheer Sleeve Body – ZARA (similar)

Plaid Skirt – BSB

Patent Ankle Boots – Sante Shoes

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

Κράτα το

Κράτα το


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