Blue Veins

Today we’re talking simple, everyday manners.

The title is from the self-titled Raconteurs’ song that I was listening to while writing this.

SO. You know how you just get out on the streets everyday and sometimes when walking out the door you think to yourself “damn where am I going looking like this”. Yesterday was one of those days, I thought I was going to shoot a really simple (to my humble opinion) outfit, something that I haven’t really been doing lately. And while I’m on the phone, walking, I realize people are looking at me, but in a bad way…

Let’s be honest, I, too, know I sometimes dress a bit unconventional. And I’m used to the looks. But the bad ones are quite the a-holes. Being moody and quite tired, I was not up for much and took this the wroooong, wrong way. At some point I even asked an old man if they “need anything as they’ve been persistently staring at me for a while”. Also, this is the point where people blame you for being disrespectful. I’ve mentioned before the discrimination people face these days on what they dress like. I learnt the hard way that whether you like someone’s clothes or not, you, by no means, have the right to judge. I like to think I tend to judge less and less. I am not perfect, and I also know I don’t have full control over my reactions. But staring, showing surprise, commenting, all in an ugly way, man, these are not welcome. It’s almost 2017 for Chanel’s sake, we people need to relax.

I have accepted my choices as for what I wear everyday and am glad I can play and experiment with clothes. It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s mood boosting. Everyone should try this lol.

Anyway, Let’s move to the actual, much debated outfit.


Lately it’s been too cold and as per usual I’ve been sick for a while, so there has barely been a day that I’ve walked out of the house not wearing a faux fur coat. I love bold clothes and especially statement outerwear. I don’t know, I feel like, the fur is the reason people were staring at me (insert *you don’t say* meme here). I’m also really into combining prints – I’ve been loving the animal print/tartan combo.


My shoe laces ruined EVERYTHING.


Both the prints, as well as the bold blue of the fur were eye-catching enough and so I thought something simple as a top would fit just about right. A simple black knitted turtleneck did the job well.


I’ve been wearing this very choker by itself or as an additional detail over turtlenecks – this is a great way of breaking the black pattern when you feel like your outfit is too plain.


This is actually a skort, meaning skirt on the front but shorts on the back. I hated these things as a kid but as a grown up (lol I’m a grown up now) I think they’re really comfy and safe, if you know what I mean…


I saw this online and felt the cool retro punk vibes right through the screen, like #omghellothere, so I had to have it. It’s very short but so flattering and sexy at the same time and I’m in l-o-v-e with the studded PU detail part.


I recently wore this in another post but I can’t get enough of it. These wooden babies have saved me so much time from my everyday run. They’re really versatile and cool – I get complimented on them regularly. I think it looks just the right amount of glam-rock to match today’s look.


I hadn’t worn these in a while and felt so weird walking in them. I must say Dr. Martens has achieved one of the hardest tasks shoe companies get to face – these things are invincible. I’ve had both my Doc pairs since high school and had been wearing them non stop till last year. Up till now, they stand still and majestic. Bravo Dr. Martens.


Look at my socks ❤ I have so many pairs of these sparkly foot gloves and I rarely ever wear them. But as I mentioned on my previous post (Arcade Fur), Christmas is the time when you get to put on every single glittering thing you own and why not socks, too? SPARKLY SOCKS FOR EVERYONE.

Photos: Penny A.

Faux Fur Jacket – (similar)

Turtleneck – Benetton (similar)

Skort – ZARA

Belt Choker – ZARA (similar)

Wooden Crossbody Bag – FeelWood Bags (similar)

Sparkly Socks – Calzedonia (similar)

Shoes – Dr. Martens

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

Κράτα το


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