Thoughts on; 2016 – wait what?

Gotta warn you, this will be long, boring and heartfelt.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking a break from the internet for quite some time now. I thought I needed a fresh mind to start over equally fresh, plus my partners had been away until very recently. So, I decided it was time I posted my 2016 recap.

2016 was a crazy year. I mean, at the end of every year you pretty much always think it went crazier than expected. But this has been quite something for me. And this will be my most sincere try to put it into words.

I was lucky enough to have traveled a lot this year. I also worked a lot and had the chance to meet and collaborate with many people as well. This has all been new to me – the blog will only reach its 2nd year this spring, therefore it’s still a baby. My baby. And I swear I’m not good with babies lol.

Anyway, Tres Violette has had its ups and downs. I’ve spent long periods of inactivity and others of constant post bombing. The latest of the second ones lasted up till recently and I have to say I’m pretty proud of how I’ve done so far. Through this past year I’ve learnt things, obviously, rarely go as planned. And blogging ain’t no easy task, even if it seems like a rather simple one. When you like what you do and want to do it a certain way, you’re always cautious and nervous about your next big step. You want it to look well-prepared, well-written and pleasing in any way possible. So it’s actually a bit more demanding than anyone may think.

One thing I’ve learnt for sure is how you won’t be able to work with anyone. Some partnerships just won’t fit, while some others might feel like a blessing. At this point I’m greatful I’ve had the chance to work with some great people since summer and until now. Christmas feels more like Thanksgiving for me, as I always end up considering those life events throughout the year past which I’m thankful for – my current partners are a big part of those “events”. They’ve both been really hardworking and I swear I’ve had a great amount of fun while shooting with them.

But other than the blogging part, 2016 has been a bit rough. And during Christmas I realized I’m cool with it. I’m never cool with going back to my hometown, so, for that, Christmas felt a bit uncomfortable this year, so I traveled back and forth from my hometown to where I currently live and back to my hometown and then back home. All this travelling alone, during Christmas time, got me into thinking where I stand. And right then and there I realized you cannot feel it all at once. You cannot have it all wrapped up, collected in a certain period of time. You cannot be fully happy, content, healthy, creative and efficient, while you go to school or work hard, while you’re in a relationship, try to keep every single person you love satisfied and have to face every adult situation possible, as well. And I know we all know that – I know I’m just repeating things you were already aware of. You just reach a point when it hits you and it’s weird, yet feels kind of like a relief, like maybe you’ve learnt something.

So, apparently, this was the year I learnt to process some rather disturbing things – sometimes life gives you too much shit and you have to be cool with it, stand tall, above all that shit, and say LOL k bye.

This was the year I realized family is important – you definitely don’t like all your relatives, but the people you’re the closest to will stick with you no matter what. And same goes for true friends. No matter what.

This was the year I learnt dancing is important. Singing is important.

This was the year I altered my style a shitload of times and I put “dressing the way I like” proudly into action.

This was the year I was brought back to the junior year of college I never truly had, the year I came the closest I’ve recently been to myself and the year I decided to put my love of talking and listening to music into merging and started working as a radio producer (I love calling myself that).

This was the year I felt truly tired after working on too many things at the same time. And I felt content, and happy.

So, yes, if I’m to be honest, 2016 was indeed a rough year. Sometimes I would even call it crappy. But it was a year in pictures and songs and so, so many moments. And I think I need that more than just some “okay” days.


thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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