Cinq à Sept Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

As Wikipedia explains, Cinq à sept – pronounced “sank-ah-set” – is a “Quebec French term for a social gathering that takes place after work and prior to the dinner hours (roughly between 5 and 7 p.m.). It may bring together friends or colleagues or may be organized around a specific event, such as a book launch or vernissage.” However, the Urban Dictionary (or the sassy street Wiki, as I like to think of it) informs us thatCinq à sept is a French term for a visit to one’s mistress.” I think I like that second meaning a bit more #heheh.

To us, today, it’s mainly about the homonymous New York based fashion house and, especially, its latest Ready-to-wear collection shown in NYFW a few days ago. According to Jane Siskin, the brand’s creative director, this line was a mix & match, a love afair between the 50’s and the 90s’, bringing both romantic and grunge vibes to the current fashion scene. Thus, the show began with a longline jacquard coat that ends in furry sleeves and went on to reveal a series of ruffled dresses and tops, floral prints, embroidered leggings. While we did see a pair of pink velvet culottes, another of black ankle flare trousers and a check co-ord suit broken into two outfits, the collection in its vast majority consists of dresses, layered over tops and paired with fishnet tights. The it shoe was another favourite of mine, plain black block-heel sandals, worn over socks and with the twist of a scarf as an ankle strap. Really cool. And if I’m to be honest, I could personally see a french woman wearing these pieces.

Source: Vogue


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Κράτα το

Κράτα το

Κράτα το


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