Jeremy Scott Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

On her piece about this very collection, Suzy Menkes of Vogue serves us the much possible explanation behind Jeremy Scott’s thoughts on a plate – if there’s any explanation or any reason for it at all.

So, according to Suzy, Scott’s recent collection was all about the current or future state of the U.S / the world. And by that we mean the state that Donald Trump’s election brought along or the one that the media (social or not) have established.

To be completely honest, I hadn’t thought of that. Just as soon as I laid my eyes on the collection I spotted Suzy’s article, so I didn’t really have time to process the looks all by myself.

Now, I’m the kind of person who likes to be candid but not strict with such cases. I can’t possibly know exactly what Scott had in mind when creating these. But, to my humble opinion, it is pretty obvious that the designer used his typical roaring signature to portray the colorful identity of the human nature, the one that gets undermined daily in just too many ways. And, of course, on the other hand, one could say that it portrays exactly the perpetrator and not the victim. Maybe the clothes are not the fight against the cult of personality but an ode to it, the cult itself. Or maybe Suzy said the exact same thing and I just didn’t get it because I’m a complete moron.

But besides all this drama on the designer’s perception, the clothes were, as per usual, something else. Mainly, the fuss was all about those “Jesus Christ Superstar” hoodies, dresses, velvet flared trousers or boots and printed patches. And as Jesus was there, Virgin Mary could be nowhere else. And Marie Antoinette, I guess.

It was the 70’s all over, with just a more confident twist – one that’s confident and loud enough to fit the times. And 70’s mean flared trousers, cheerful plaid co-ords and crazy denim pieces. Scott invested in bold colours (hot pink, orange, electric blue, etc) and mixed prints like brocade, psychedelic and animal ones. We saw romantic sheer designs walk in line with lots of biker inspired trousers and dresses. The designer also turned to velvet, metallics and sequins to enhance the rockstar feeling and didn’t even give his favourite pop culture influenced stamps a break – familiar cartoon characters walked the runway along with the models while “Sex is Cute” paraded on raglan dresses and hybrid cami tops. My personal favourite? Well, the blue feathery coat of course. Damn that looked good.

Scott finally paired everything with the much loved fishnet tights and platform high heeled shoes or themed western boots, all on a fluffy runway resembling the snow covered NY streets.

Photos: Indigital

Source: Vogue


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