Dans La Vie Ready-to-Wear AW17/18

In the past few seasons, designer Rira Sugawara has evolved a really refreshing signature style based on artistic collages. In her latest ready-to-wear show – which has been her sixth collection and fifth catwalk – Sugawara stunned her audience, proving there is always an innovating way of putting the fashion cycle to good use.

Dans La Vie was again all about the 70’s, showing feminine lines with some yet eye-catching and confident twist. The show was imaginarily divided into three parts; the first one consisted of sleeker silhouettes, the second of more relaxed ones and the third of some noticeably futuristic designs.

The collection was based on a wide colour palette, including bright yellows, greens and greys, while also shades of red (rust or pink) and solid black. Lizard printed patent leather was the king of the show and, along with the Swarowski crystal embellishments, it built a collection of bold, statement looks. That, combined with both the simpler and the more structured pieces (whether for instance the shoulder-padded, loose blazers or the big ruffly skirts), created an intense visual impact without looking exhausting or “too much”. Mostly, classic high neck sweaters and trench coats were almost redefined to fit the collection’s ways.

Lastly, bold eye make-up and untamed hair couldn’t be missing from the show, whereas patent black ankle boots with clear heels or see through thigh-high boots complemented each outfit as they should.

As for the whole collage thing, what actually completed the character of the show were the circular patches, picturing mainly floral prints, that created the illusion of breasts. Fashion and female power teaming up once again in the name of political freedom.

Photos: Simon Armstrong

Source: Vogue


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