Dead woman walking, here. Reporting actually. Or calling? Oh well. I'm finally sick again, #hooray! How would you like it if we sat down and counted all of the posts when I complain about being sick? That should be fun. Anyways... Today I'll try to be short, as I'm already late with the post. I … Continue reading “Extra”


Mia Wallace & the Silky Life

It's been a while since my last outfit post and so far I've come up with many changes as for the blog. But besides that, right now I'm sick, sitting in my living room, enjoying each sip of my warm coffee as if it's heaven in a liquid form. Anyway. I shot this a few days … Continue reading Mia Wallace & the Silky Life

All Laced Up

Some of you may have noticed that whenever I post once a week, that's usually on Wednesdays. Now you're probably wondering if I'm an idiot saying this as today's a Thursday. Well, I've had some issues with my internet connection for the last couple of days because, who am I kidding, of course that would … Continue reading All Laced Up

Games & Stripes

Do you ever walk down the street and either feel or see people judging you silently? I was walking harmlessly and actually saw and heard a mother whisper to her daughter "Look at the girl coming this way", in a letsmakefunofher way. I looked at her and smiled widely. The exact same thing happened later … Continue reading Games & Stripes

Almost Famous

Most of you already got that I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about that amazing movie, where Kate Hudson introduced us to the hippie version of a statement coat, with "statement" having the meaning of "I never take this thing off because it's my whole story". My case is not exactly this. It's actually … Continue reading Almost Famous

Windy City

Well, despite what both Doris Day and the Stone siblings have once said, I didn’t just fly in from the windy city. I’m still there actually *unnecessary and not at all humorous reference*. And you’ll see for yourself that on a truly windy day, a cape could be a good choice but a skirt should … Continue reading Windy City

All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights

So, Barbie called and asked for her outfit. Ha ha. But really though, this time of the year is a carnival period for my country and I thought it would be fine if I stepped out like this. I must say I received many compliments or just plain comments on my tights, like when an … Continue reading All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights