Panic at the Party; NYE Outfit Ideas

Many people have been asking me lately what's my advice for a Christmas or a New Year's Eve outfit. Truth be told, I have no idea what I'm wearing myself - basically because I never go out on Christmas, so it's always hard to choose between the teddy bear or the Hello Kitty pyjamas and … Continue reading Panic at the Party; NYE Outfit Ideas


Party Girl

Tis the season to be sparkly, yaw! I've mentioned before that I love having themed photoshoots - I love anything creative and artsy about them and how we get to play with the background or the objects. This very one is happened in my apartment and we pretty much had to move my living room … Continue reading Party Girl

Rodarte Ready-to-Wear SS17

After several years of observation, I've come to the conclusion that Rodarte always has its way with me.I mean, like, really. In all honest seriousness. Like DEFINITELY for real though, how could anyone ever pass by this in apathy? Rodarte has a very special way of balancing darkness with romance. It's always something deeply poetic … Continue reading Rodarte Ready-to-Wear SS17

The Age of Metallics

Guys. First off, yesterday I watched Lemonade. Yeah I know, "splendid Violet, that is astonishing", but better late than never, right? Actually, considering I'm already too much of a feminist, I didn't expect it to affect me in any way other than artistically maybe. But, let me tell you, it does. Whether you like it … Continue reading The Age of Metallics

Year in review; 8+2 fashion & beauty fails

I’m not quite sure whether I do or do not like trends. It’s a love-hate thing for me as I like to both absorb and ignore them. This year was SO rich in trends and I’d be damned if I said I didn’t hate most of them. Nowadays with this internet thingy everything just goes … Continue reading Year in review; 8+2 fashion & beauty fails