All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights

So, Barbie called and asked for her outfit. Ha ha. But really though, this time of the year is a carnival period for my country and I thought it would be fine if I stepped out like this. I must say I received many compliments or just plain comments on my tights, like when an … Continue reading All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights


My Fur Lady

You guys, I haven’t had regular lunch in almost a week. I’ve been too bored to cook anything, simple or fancy, and I’ve relied solely on oil popped popcorn, oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been baking tons of sweet goodies, always buying candy when out and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this show kills me) - long story … Continue reading My Fur Lady

The Batman

So this happened a few days ago, when the sun had gotten all disturbing again. Like thank you for FINALLY getting colder, me and my coats feel content. The good thing is I'd finally had the chance to wear my cape, as I felt like dressing more casually. It's woolen but of pretty light quality which means I don't even know … Continue reading The Batman

Colour Me Cat

Today was moody but instead I was quite joyful and wanted to brighten things up a little. So I thought no way better than the colorful way. I tried hard to look sane but eventually I lost it and wore like every part of the rainbow. And that sounded better in my head as a joke but anyway. The whole outfit was built … Continue reading Colour Me Cat

Uptown Funk

In the city where I live rn, connecting Sundays to uptown walks is a common thing. Rumour has it the Old Town - truly one of the oldest parts of the city - is that one part that has remained intact from that 1917 fire. It's consisted of both quite dilapidated and recently constructed houses, all of them beautiful. Most of the newly built ones … Continue reading Uptown Funk

Urban Core

Lately I've been truly busy, having an utterly messed up schedule and getting choked by so many chores. Yet, this Friday was a miracle, even if I got to switch seven buses to make it through the day. I woke up early to go to class, which I've finally got used to, and made my way downtown. … Continue reading Urban Core