Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture FW16/17

Alta Moda (which means "high end fashion" in italian - SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE OF THIS LANGUAGE mom please be proud of me) was the name of the latest outstanding parade-like D&G show. The leading duo were once again inspired from Italy, more specifically, the stunning muse of theirs, Sophia Loren. The show took place in … Continue reading Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture FW16/17


Francesco Scognamiglio Haute Couture FW16/17

Despite my mediocre italian, I had a hard time pronouncing this. I have to admit it's a house I was unaware of and, after a small research, I couldn't feel more ashamed about this. The designs were highly imposing and detailed. The honorees seemed to be lace and chiffon, embroidered with all kinds of sequins … Continue reading Francesco Scognamiglio Haute Couture FW16/17

Atelier Versace Haute Couture FW16/17

If there is one you have already heard about Atelier Versace’s latest runway show, it’s how a small army of some the most discussed models of the present walked it. Talk about Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid or Joan Smalls and count them in. The thing is Donatella went for a different approach this time. She … Continue reading Atelier Versace Haute Couture FW16/17

Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; Milan

I might have left this post in my drafts for a while... Okay, maybe some days. Or months actually but don't judge me. But I finally got the chance to finish it, so here you go; Gucci Alessandro Michele makes beautiful clothes. That was my exact thought when I first looked at these designs; "how … Continue reading Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; Milan

Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; New York, London

It’s been a while since fashion month began and ended but I just recently had the time to sit and actually watch plus observe each show. There were colors and so much diversity whether in lines or textures or styles or just anything. I loved the contrast between the romantic and the darker pieces each … Continue reading Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; New York, London

Valentino SS16 Haute Couture

Looking at the latest couture collections you can definitely tell there is a very specific way a Valentino dress should look. To my mind, this whole view of things of the brand must have gotten established in 2015. The heavy or light as air looks, the pluralistic designs and the floor-length or - fewer - … Continue reading Valentino SS16 Haute Couture

Chanel SS16 Haute Couture

Chanel has had a not so brief history of impressively staged fashion shows. We’ve seen an iceberg, huge bottles of Chanel No5 perfume and an equally giant golden lion decorating the Grand Palais. We’ve seen it turn into an airport, a casino, a supermarket, a Brasserie and a Chanel shop or even the streets of … Continue reading Chanel SS16 Haute Couture