Denim Bells

I feel like this will be a short one - There are always some days when you go through your wardrobe trying to find something, ANYTHING, to throw on and just leave the house, but can't. These days are bad. You end up feeling like a failure because it's either that you think you don't … Continue reading Denim Bells


Hello there, sunshines. As per usual I have no good intro for the post, so I'm just going to jump right into the fact that I've been busy doing basically nothing lately. I've actually reached this peak when you freak out over anything and have a small crisis and realize you have no plan?! Oh … Continue reading Moto

In Doubt

I'm gonna go all Carrie on this one. I'm writing this at 01.20 am so this will be quite heartfelt. In the much recent events of my life as the complete idiot I constantly prove to be, I've made a whole 90-degree turn. That said, I have realised I should change the way I see … Continue reading In Doubt

Lengths & Flares

Okay this post took SO long. I finally moved in and I’m happy and the house is great and all but before all that I had forgotten to take care of my internet connection. Like get your shit together Violet. Right now I’m using my phone as a hotspot device, with a connection so slow … Continue reading Lengths & Flares