Dipinto di Blu

Hey there, fellas. I feel like it's been ages since my last outfit post (as per usual haha). I've been up to quite much though and I wouldn't beat myself up for taking a break. I also had an issue with my photoshoots but all is good and settled for now. I just started working … Continue reading Dipinto di Blu


The truth is when I started writing this post I had a hard time finding what to say. These days have been rolling by pretty quietly. To be honest, I've come to realize I should be talking more. I was never chatty, always kept to myself most of the things I wanted to say, whether … Continue reading Sunflower

No fur for you Armani, you go Armani!

So, my bff texted me "you should defo write about this stuff!" and I already had that in mind cause I had pictured my dog Max telling me the exact same thing back when reading the news. Yeah, Armani decided to go fur free. That made me entirely happy considering that even though I own … Continue reading No fur for you Armani, you go Armani!

My Fur Lady

You guys, I haven’t had regular lunch in almost a week. I’ve been too bored to cook anything, simple or fancy, and I’ve relied solely on oil popped popcorn, oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been baking tons of sweet goodies, always buying candy when out and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this show kills me) - long story … Continue reading My Fur Lady

The Moral

Today started off nicely. Sunny day, no class at all, I thought what the hell let's go take some pictures yaw. I've been encouraging myself to wear anything I wish to. And if there's a thing or two I've learnt since I started doing so it's that anyone's going to judge you. I'm not trying to be all hippie here. … Continue reading The Moral

City of Texture

It's a public holiday right now where I live, and, as it also happened to be sunny, it was quite of the chance for me to take a walk around my neighborhood. After all I'd never done it before. I knew it's a place full of trails, uphills and greenery, so I chose to wear sth more … Continue reading City of Texture