Get to Know the FW16/17 Shoe Trends

As I have probably mentioned in the past, there is one specific fashion term I hate and that term is the magical... Trends come and go, last up to three seasons (no, I don't really know how long they last, I'm just a pure know-it-all) and drive you to crazy purchases that you later run … Continue reading Get to Know the FW16/17 Shoe Trends


Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; Milan

I might have left this post in my drafts for a while... Okay, maybe some days. Or months actually but don't judge me. But I finally got the chance to finish it, so here you go; Gucci Alessandro Michele makes beautiful clothes. That was my exact thought when I first looked at these designs; "how … Continue reading Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; Milan

Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; New York, London

It’s been a while since fashion month began and ended but I just recently had the time to sit and actually watch plus observe each show. There were colors and so much diversity whether in lines or textures or styles or just anything. I loved the contrast between the romantic and the darker pieces each … Continue reading Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; New York, London