Blue Veins

Today we're talking simple, everyday manners. The title is from the self-titled Raconteurs' song that I was listening to while writing this. SO. You know how you just get out on the streets everyday and sometimes when walking out the door you think to yourself "damn where am I going looking like this". Yesterday was … Continue reading Blue Veins


Denim Bells

I feel like this will be a short one - There are always some days when you go through your wardrobe trying to find something, ANYTHING, to throw on and just leave the house, but can't. These days are bad. You end up feeling like a failure because it's either that you think you don't … Continue reading Denim Bells


Hello there, sunshines. As per usual I have no good intro for the post, so I'm just going to jump right into the fact that I've been busy doing basically nothing lately. I've actually reached this peak when you freak out over anything and have a small crisis and realize you have no plan?! Oh … Continue reading Moto

Music To Watch Girls To

Pink flamingos always fascinated me. Lol okay you got the reference. I love Lana. Lana is my queen. Florence is also my queen. I hope I get to be some kind of queen someday. Once I saw what these pictures turned out to look like, this song started playing in my head. Whenever I look … Continue reading Music To Watch Girls To

Fashion Lab + 4tailors Pop up store @ Bord De L’Eau Design Factory

As I'm planning to analyze on a following post, I have only recently started looking greek fashion brands up. I have ever since been pretty stunned but how much I have been ignoring. As of that moment I've also begun to really appreciate the way sometimes the greek culture applies on the current fashion updates. … Continue reading Fashion Lab + 4tailors Pop up store @ Bord De L’Eau Design Factory