Christmas Disco Ball

Hello, you sweet little chicken nuggets and happy holidays. How are things? You might have noticed that due to lack of time I've narrowed my outfit posts down to one per week and, finally, I have a new one for you. This look was shot at Rover Bar, a place where I've spent some glorious … Continue reading Christmas Disco Ball


I'm posting this as the second part of my previous photoshoot, which took place at “Bensousan Han” (go check out The Lady is a Tramp for more details). We used the main rooms for this outfit as they looked just the right amount for creepy lol. The top is a limited edition piece and one … Continue reading Infestato

Party Girl

Tis the season to be sparkly, yaw! I've mentioned before that I love having themed photoshoots - I love anything creative and artsy about them and how we get to play with the background or the objects. This very one is happened in my apartment and we pretty much had to move my living room … Continue reading Party Girl


Dead woman walking, here. Reporting actually. Or calling? Oh well. I'm finally sick again, #hooray! How would you like it if we sat down and counted all of the posts when I complain about being sick? That should be fun. Anyways... Today I'll try to be short, as I'm already late with the post. I … Continue reading “Extra”

The Pretenders

Hi everyone! I'm so glad it's almost mid October. Rumor has it it's finally time for actual outerwear... This also happens to be the ideal time to step out with a trench coat. That's because trench coats are just like avocados; "not today, not today, not today, not today, TODAY, oops too late". Meaning they're … Continue reading The Pretenders

Music To Watch Girls To

Pink flamingos always fascinated me. Lol okay you got the reference. I love Lana. Lana is my queen. Florence is also my queen. I hope I get to be some kind of queen someday. Once I saw what these pictures turned out to look like, this song started playing in my head. Whenever I look … Continue reading Music To Watch Girls To


Ay people! To begin with, I hate being absent from the blog, I hate the days that I don't post. I do it from time to time and it's not like I do it cause I'm bored. But do you ever feel like you fail something you love just because you get no meaningful free … Continue reading Chandelier

Games & Stripes

Do you ever walk down the street and either feel or see people judging you silently? I was walking harmlessly and actually saw and heard a mother whisper to her daughter "Look at the girl coming this way", in a letsmakefunofher way. I looked at her and smiled widely. The exact same thing happened later … Continue reading Games & Stripes

All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights

So, Barbie called and asked for her outfit. Ha ha. But really though, this time of the year is a carnival period for my country and I thought it would be fine if I stepped out like this. I must say I received many compliments or just plain comments on my tights, like when an … Continue reading All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights

The Graffiti

I am sorry I’ve been moderately active on the blog lately but I’m moving out and I’ve been really busy. This was the day I decided to give an entirely Paleo diet up and start a more balanced one. And this was also the day I had fried meatballs. I haven’t had these since like … Continue reading The Graffiti