Prints & All

Yas, hello! How u people doin? Good. I was just asking out of kindness, no need to get emotional. Just kidding Anyways, too much said, yet nothing important, so I'll move on to the actual outfit. These days I've been going full crazy on mixing prints and dressing a bit edgier. I feel like dressing … Continue reading Prints & All


Mia Wallace & the Silky Life

It's been a while since my last outfit post and so far I've come up with many changes as for the blog. But besides that, right now I'm sick, sitting in my living room, enjoying each sip of my warm coffee as if it's heaven in a liquid form. Anyway. I shot this a few days … Continue reading Mia Wallace & the Silky Life


The title is for both the Cranberries song (90's yo) and the obvious pun linger - lingerie. So, me and Olympia have been trying to find a signature photography style for the blog and we've been experimenting ever since we first started working together. This time the result was a little bit edgier and to … Continue reading Linger


The truth is when I started writing this post I had a hard time finding what to say. These days have been rolling by pretty quietly. To be honest, I've come to realize I should be talking more. I was never chatty, always kept to myself most of the things I wanted to say, whether … Continue reading Sunflower

Almost Famous

Most of you already got that I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about that amazing movie, where Kate Hudson introduced us to the hippie version of a statement coat, with "statement" having the meaning of "I never take this thing off because it's my whole story". My case is not exactly this. It's actually … Continue reading Almost Famous

The Batman

So this happened a few days ago, when the sun had gotten all disturbing again. Like thank you for FINALLY getting colder, me and my coats feel content. The good thing is I'd finally had the chance to wear my cape, as I felt like dressing more casually. It's woolen but of pretty light quality which means I don't even know … Continue reading The Batman

Animal Instinct

This one happened completely out of the blue. I was home, getting ready to go out for brunch. I had just perfected the winged liner, only to decide I'd rather watch Friends and chill lol. So, after the pizza, my date suggested we go up on the rooftop and take some pictures. Ofc I couldn't deny that. And while people on … Continue reading Animal Instinct