All Laced Up

Some of you may have noticed that whenever I post once a week, that's usually on Wednesdays. Now you're probably wondering if I'm an idiot saying this as today's a Thursday. Well, I've had some issues with my internet connection for the last couple of days because, who am I kidding, of course that would … Continue reading All Laced Up

Late Summer Daze

As some of you may know, I used to be a really awkward young lady. My pre-teen and actual teenage years were covered by a veil of inconvenience and embarrassment. Lately, I've had the chance to meet many new people and I realised I have gotten much better at this. I mean, I'm still an … Continue reading Late Summer Daze

The Bucket

Hey ya pals 🙂 This appears to be my first streetstyle-like photoshoot. It was a hella hot day, so I vividly recall regreting the choice of an almost long-sleeve top. Anyway, this one happens to be my favourite blouse, so I have forgiven myself on that. I've not been really active on the blog or anywhere in fact … Continue reading The Bucket


So as many of you can tell I’ve been taking a break from the blog for a while. I had run into a rather ugly brick wall and felt like I needed time to make things right this time, or maybe just better. During all this time, I tried to keep up with the Resort … Continue reading Aura

Lengths & Flares

Okay this post took SO long. I finally moved in and I’m happy and the house is great and all but before all that I had forgotten to take care of my internet connection. Like get your shit together Violet. Right now I’m using my phone as a hotspot device, with a connection so slow … Continue reading Lengths & Flares

Games & Stripes

Do you ever walk down the street and either feel or see people judging you silently? I was walking harmlessly and actually saw and heard a mother whisper to her daughter "Look at the girl coming this way", in a letsmakefunofher way. I looked at her and smiled widely. The exact same thing happened later … Continue reading Games & Stripes