All Laced Up

Some of you may have noticed that whenever I post once a week, that's usually on Wednesdays. Now you're probably wondering if I'm an idiot saying this as today's a Thursday. Well, I've had some issues with my internet connection for the last couple of days because, who am I kidding, of course that would … Continue reading All Laced Up


In my Pyjamas

If there's one thing that people know I hate, that is the word "trend". I hate it and not just as a term. I hate trends because the last for like a month and during this time they manage to spread all over, making us look identical to each other. Therefore, I don't really do … Continue reading In my Pyjamas


So as many of you can tell I’ve been taking a break from the blog for a while. I had run into a rather ugly brick wall and felt like I needed time to make things right this time, or maybe just better. During all this time, I tried to keep up with the Resort … Continue reading Aura