Arcade Fur

Bonsoir, dudes! HOW have yall been? Getting ready for Christmas? Because I sure aren't. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas - it's my favourite time of the year. It's just that this season has had me so busy that I didn't have enough time to process all the decorations and the christmasy stuff around. … Continue reading Arcade Fur


Denim Bells

I feel like this will be a short one - There are always some days when you go through your wardrobe trying to find something, ANYTHING, to throw on and just leave the house, but can't. These days are bad. You end up feeling like a failure because it's either that you think you don't … Continue reading Denim Bells

The Bucket

Hey ya pals 🙂 This appears to be my first streetstyle-like photoshoot. It was a hella hot day, so I vividly recall regreting the choice of an almost long-sleeve top. Anyway, this one happens to be my favourite blouse, so I have forgiven myself on that. I've not been really active on the blog or anywhere in fact … Continue reading The Bucket


Being late is a pretty typical habit of mine. I know it pisses people off and I always feel awful when I do so, but whenever I try not to I have the most unexpected thing happen to me and therefore prove, once more, that I’m incapable of ever being on time. That said, I … Continue reading Checkmate

The Moral

Today started off nicely. Sunny day, no class at all, I thought what the hell let's go take some pictures yaw. I've been encouraging myself to wear anything I wish to. And if there's a thing or two I've learnt since I started doing so it's that anyone's going to judge you. I'm not trying to be all hippie here. … Continue reading The Moral