#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation – New York

#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation - New York by tresviolette featuring red hand bagsAcler brown dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios leather coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario sequined pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga leather booties€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana red hand bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold stud earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com


New York Freak Style

New York Freak Style by tresviolette featuring high waist pantsAcler long sleeve mini dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios trench coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario high waist pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga heeled boots€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana man bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com

Christmas Disco Ball

Hello, you sweet little chicken nuggets and happy holidays. How are things? You might have noticed that due to lack of time I've narrowed my outfit posts down to one per week and, finally, I have a new one for you. This look was shot at Rover Bar, a place where I've spent some glorious … Continue reading Christmas Disco Ball

The Lady Is a Tramp

So I have a question; does anyone ever - besides just looking at the photos - read all those things us bloggers write? Like other than our friends, family etc. It seems so funny to me whenever I think of it because I'm usually at the verge of writing some pretty disturbing things just to … Continue reading The Lady Is a Tramp

Bad Habit

You know, the best part of what I do is how I end up enjoying myself. I admit I have at times felt stressed out with the whole blogging thing - I'm a perfectionist and this had come between me and the fun I was trying to have. I have been trying to let it … Continue reading Bad Habit


Dead woman walking, here. Reporting actually. Or calling? Oh well. I'm finally sick again, #hooray! How would you like it if we sat down and counted all of the posts when I complain about being sick? That should be fun. Anyways... Today I'll try to be short, as I'm already late with the post. I … Continue reading “Extra”

The Pretenders

Hi everyone! I'm so glad it's almost mid October. Rumor has it it's finally time for actual outerwear... This also happens to be the ideal time to step out with a trench coat. That's because trench coats are just like avocados; "not today, not today, not today, not today, TODAY, oops too late". Meaning they're … Continue reading The Pretenders