Christmas Disco Ball

Hello, you sweet little chicken nuggets and happy holidays. How are things? You might have noticed that due to lack of time I've narrowed my outfit posts down to one per week and, finally, I have a new one for you. This look was shot at Rover Bar, a place where I've spent some glorious … Continue reading Christmas Disco Ball

Arcade Fur

Bonsoir, dudes! HOW have yall been? Getting ready for Christmas? Because I sure aren't. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas - it's my favourite time of the year. It's just that this season has had me so busy that I didn't have enough time to process all the decorations and the christmasy stuff around. … Continue reading Arcade Fur

Late Summer Daze

As some of you may know, I used to be a really awkward young lady. My pre-teen and actual teenage years were covered by a veil of inconvenience and embarrassment. Lately, I've had the chance to meet many new people and I realised I have gotten much better at this. I mean, I'm still an … Continue reading Late Summer Daze

Music To Watch Girls To

Pink flamingos always fascinated me. Lol okay you got the reference. I love Lana. Lana is my queen. Florence is also my queen. I hope I get to be some kind of queen someday. Once I saw what these pictures turned out to look like, this song started playing in my head. Whenever I look … Continue reading Music To Watch Girls To

Lengths & Flares

Okay this post took SO long. I finally moved in and I’m happy and the house is great and all but before all that I had forgotten to take care of my internet connection. Like get your shit together Violet. Right now I’m using my phone as a hotspot device, with a connection so slow … Continue reading Lengths & Flares

Games & Stripes

Do you ever walk down the street and either feel or see people judging you silently? I was walking harmlessly and actually saw and heard a mother whisper to her daughter "Look at the girl coming this way", in a letsmakefunofher way. I looked at her and smiled widely. The exact same thing happened later … Continue reading Games & Stripes

Almost Famous

Most of you already got that I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about that amazing movie, where Kate Hudson introduced us to the hippie version of a statement coat, with "statement" having the meaning of "I never take this thing off because it's my whole story". My case is not exactly this. It's actually … Continue reading Almost Famous

My Fur Lady

You guys, I haven’t had regular lunch in almost a week. I’ve been too bored to cook anything, simple or fancy, and I’ve relied solely on oil popped popcorn, oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been baking tons of sweet goodies, always buying candy when out and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this show kills me) - long story … Continue reading My Fur Lady

The Moral

Today started off nicely. Sunny day, no class at all, I thought what the hell let's go take some pictures yaw. I've been encouraging myself to wear anything I wish to. And if there's a thing or two I've learnt since I started doing so it's that anyone's going to judge you. I'm not trying to be all hippie here. … Continue reading The Moral

Animal Instinct

This one happened completely out of the blue. I was home, getting ready to go out for brunch. I had just perfected the winged liner, only to decide I'd rather watch Friends and chill lol. So, after the pizza, my date suggested we go up on the rooftop and take some pictures. Ofc I couldn't deny that. And while people on … Continue reading Animal Instinct