#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation – New York

#PolyPresents: Dream Vacation - New York by tresviolette featuring red hand bagsAcler brown dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios leather coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario sequined pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga leather booties€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana red hand bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold stud earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com


New York Freak Style

New York Freak Style by tresviolette featuring high waist pantsAcler long sleeve mini dress€295 - modaoperandi.comAcne Studios trench coat€1.760 - bagheeraboutique.comRasario high waist pants€1.950 - modaoperandi.comBalenciaga heeled boots€860 - saksfifthavenue.comDolce Gabbana man bag€965 - flannels.comE L L E R Y gold earrings€280 - ssense.comNew York City Photography, Empire State, NYC Skyline, Top of the Rock,...€24 - etsy.com

Arcade Fur

Bonsoir, dudes! HOW have yall been? Getting ready for Christmas? Because I sure aren't. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas - it's my favourite time of the year. It's just that this season has had me so busy that I didn't have enough time to process all the decorations and the christmasy stuff around. … Continue reading Arcade Fur


I'm posting this as the second part of my previous photoshoot, which took place at “Bensousan Han” (go check out The Lady is a Tramp for more details). We used the main rooms for this outfit as they looked just the right amount for creepy lol. The top is a limited edition piece and one … Continue reading Infestato

The Lady Is a Tramp

So I have a question; does anyone ever - besides just looking at the photos - read all those things us bloggers write? Like other than our friends, family etc. It seems so funny to me whenever I think of it because I'm usually at the verge of writing some pretty disturbing things just to … Continue reading The Lady Is a Tramp

Prints & All

Yas, hello! How u people doin? Good. I was just asking out of kindness, no need to get emotional. Just kidding Anyways, too much said, yet nothing important, so I'll move on to the actual outfit. These days I've been going full crazy on mixing prints and dressing a bit edgier. I feel like dressing … Continue reading Prints & All

Soldier On

Hey there, beautiful fellas. Fun fact; do you know how we end up wearing what we used to laugh at years ago? And also, you remember those ugly, kind of provocative, tights we used to wear in like late 90's or early 2000? The fishnet ones? Yeah, well they're back. And I just got a … Continue reading Soldier On