The Lady Is a Tramp

So I have a question; does anyone ever - besides just looking at the photos - read all those things us bloggers write? Like other than our friends, family etc. It seems so funny to me whenever I think of it because I'm usually at the verge of writing some pretty disturbing things just to … Continue reading The Lady Is a Tramp


Phosphene Dream

To me, too much is never enough when it comes to furs. Das my motto in life and everything else just comes next. Okay not really but really. I like furs and the only thing I find annoying about the weather getting warmer is that I don’t get to wear my fancy outerwear for a … Continue reading Phosphene Dream

Urban Core

Lately I've been truly busy, having an utterly messed up schedule and getting choked by so many chores. Yet, this Friday was a miracle, even if I got to switch seven buses to make it through the day. I woke up early to go to class, which I've finally got used to, and made my way downtown. … Continue reading Urban Core